Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wish List | 21/04/14

Evidently, I have dated this Wish List post in the title as the things I want change pretty much every day. In fact, if it wasn't tedious for you to read I would happily write a Wish List post daily. Anyhow, here are a few (okay quite a lot) of things I currently want.

Firstly, I want to purchase the matching conditioner to the shampoo I am using at the moment - John Frieda Go Blonder Conditioner in best efforts to get my golden locks for the summer. I might even go all out and purchase the spray of this collection too!

Whilst on the subject of hair, I recently popped into John Lewis and felt my heart cry out to all the lovely hair care brands in store. My eyes were first drawn to the Percy & Reed section and while there is not a particular product of theirs I want at the moment, I definitely want to invest in something soon! I then came across a brand I had not heard of before called mop with it's eye catching simple, modern design. Everything just looked so cool and sounded really good for your hair and I can't wait to get something from there.

Onto makeup... I've recently taken a liking to the idea of contouring your cheeks to make it look like you have more defined cheekbones but found that powder products can look cakey on top of foundation which is never a good look. After looking online for what seemed like years, I stumbled across the MAC Pro Sculpting Cream which claims to sculpt and shape the face. Cannot wait to add this to my small MAC collection.

In just over a month I will be getting my braces off (and I am SO excited) and I want to have lovely lips to go alongside my new veneers. When I am next at the MAC counter, I want to choose another of their lovely lipsticks and quite possibly a lip liner too. However, I know (thanks to Tanya Burr) that lip gloss is more on trend this season. I firstly want to order one of her lipglosses from her collection as they all look lush and I've heard great things about them! I also want to buy the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker as my lips aren't the most full and this claims to do great things, please let me know in the comments if you know of any other lip glosses that plump your lips!

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 
I have really really really wanted some white skinny jeans for a while now and when I saw that Topshop did their Joni jeans in white in the Petite range, I was more than excited. That was until I went to add them to my basket and found they were out of my size :( :( but as soon as they are back in stock I will own a pair!

When I was last in American Apparel I was once again drawn to their beautiful range of scrunchies, particularly the check and floral ones so I made a mental note to pay a quarter of the price and buy some off of eBay... 

I haven't bought any new shoes for far too long and I'm really struggling with summer footwear! I want some new Nike/New Balance/Adidas trainers but I can't seem to find any I like, so if you have any recommendations please comment them below! However I do really like these pastel coloured converse...

Finally, with summer just around the corner, I am in desperate need of new sunglasses! (I say as if England will ever have enough sun for this to be a necessity) I really like the cat-eye style ones and found these for only £13 on Asos. 

I think I shall finish my wish list here as it's getting excessively long but I'm sure I'll be back with an update soon!

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