Monday, 4 November 2013

October Favourites

October Favourites 

Once again I seem to be late on posting my monthly favourites but I've been so busy with school and work!

First of all I have been loving my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation; it gives great coverage, it has an excellent consistency and has lasted me ages! 

My go to clothing item this month has to be my grey baggy jumper my sister bought from a charity shop last year. It's really warm and cosy and I wear it just with tights so it's an outfit within itself. I also have been loving my new purple check skirt from topshop, however I wish I'd bought it in a size 6 as opposed to an 8 because the waistline on it is generous. 

Footwear wise, at any opportunity I've had, I've been wearing these black heeled boots with gold embellishments  I purchased them from Primark and at £20 you can't go wrong. (However after a day of full out shopping in Cabot Circus, I was in need of a major foot massage!!!)

I also have been loving these triangle droplet earrings from Asos. My ears normally react with cheap metal but these were absolutely fine and I find they can be worn for any occasion.

Last month I was dying to find any spare time I could so I could finish the current book I was reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth. My boyfriend had leant it to me and he'd bigged it up quite a lot so it had high expectations and it most certainly lived up to them. It's an action novel (the same kind of theme as Hunger Games) with a slight romance throughout, definitely worth a read.

Somehow, I've managed to get music onto my terrible phone (an ancient blackberry) and the first album I downloaded had to be AM - Arctic Monkeys, every single song on there is great and it follows up their high reputation from previous albums. 

Please comment below with your favourites!

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